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Welcome to 

Crystal Corner

I am so excited to bring the amazing energy of crystals to your healing and growth. I have been working with crystals for over 20 years now and I knew I had to share this and open my own crystal store. 

Inside crystal corner you will find crystals to help you manifest, help heal anxiety, stress, spark your creativity and much more. 

Plus I have also created meditations designed to help you connect and work with your crystals as well as mini masterclasses on how to get started and how to use them.


If you need any help or you can't find a crystal you are looking for drop me a message on the socials using the links in the menu bar.

Happy Crystal hunting, 

Carla x

Check out our incense sticks

Check out our Tumbled Crystals

Check out our Crystal Jewellery

Confused about Crystals?


Have  crystals sparked your interest but you're not sure where to start, what they do or how you can use them? 

Then my FREE Crystal Mini Masterclass is perfect for you. 

Inside the class I share:

  • What Crystals are

  • How you can use them

  • How to store and cleanse them

  • Which crystals are great for getting started and more.

Sign up now and get instant access to my FREE Masterclass 

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