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1:1 Intuitive Energy Alignment Session

Energy Alignment Sessions are perfect for you if you're looking for guidance or clarity, or if you're curious about your life purpose and your next steps forward.

You may be experiencing a shift or feel like you're stuck, lost, or perhaps just not feeling like yourself. 

These sessions are uniquely channelled directly for you in the moment and will provide you with exactly what you need to connect back into yourself. We tune into your energy to clear and cleanse blockages whilst receiving channelled messages from your Guides and your Spirit Team. 
If you've felt like there's something you're missing, maybe you've worked with belief and mindset coaches in the past and now you're ready to go deeper to connect with your true self, these sessions will allow you to finally find the answers and clarity that you're looking for. 

During your 1:1 session, we work together to clear away your trapped stagnant energy which will leave you feeling lighter and connected to your true self. You'll receive information from your Guides and Spirit team which will provide you with the clarity and guidance you need to move forward. 

Energy Alignment Session

45-60 minutes

Investment : £259

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Client Love Notes

What did you like most about the session: The release! I felt such a huge release on this session I couldn't stop crying and I had no idea why - which was strange as I'm not really a crier, but I know 100% it's what I needed to move forward, because after the session it's like I had a rocket up my bum! Nothing was stopping me! 

Laura G

What is Energy Alignment?

The energy in your body is created from everything you’ve experienced in your life – all of the things you’ve seen, heard and witnessed. Even the most insignificant experiences may have felt traumatic to your younger self and these energies often get stuck in our bodies. 

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Those energies can then manifest into physical or emotional aches and pain, headaches, sadness, frustration and lack of clarity and direction. 


An energy alignment session allows access to tune into and tap into your energy to identify the areas of blockages and release the stagnant energy leaving you feeling more centred and focused. 


Ultimately helping you to become the happiest, healthiest and best version of you. 


Because everything you need is already within you.

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