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A monthly energy membership for women who want to create a regular spiritual practice. Helping you to create a sense of peace, alignment and a deeper connection to your intuition and higher self.
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What if you could create a sense of ease and flow in all areas of your life by releasing the energy blocks that are keeping you stuck?
White Sand and Stone

Does this sound familiar?

You've been doing the mindset work, affirmations and journaling but you find you only move forward so far and then you go back to feeling stuck on what your next move is in life .

You have tried energy work and it helped, you might even had a breathwork session and it changed your life but then a few weeks after you found yourself lost again, doubting yourself and wondering what to do.

You've got big goals but throughout the month you have a few high days then find yourself sinking in to lows, tiredness and overwhelm.

The Soul Circle was created for you!

An online, monthly subscription of Energy Clearing and Activations & Breathwork Journeys, purposely synced around the new and full moon to work in harmony with the energy cycles.

Together we will create a regular spiritual practice to unblock and clear old fears, behaviours and trapped energy that are holding you back from living your most aligned and powerful life!

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With the Soul Circle, 
each month you can experience...

Energy Clearing and Activation 

1x 30 minute group energy session: Clearing the chakras to release stagnant energy that holds you back, and brining in beautiful activations, to life our vibration and allowing you to flow in sync with the universe. I work with spirit and Angels to guide us and bring in powerful Reiki energy so you can receive calming distance healing.

Group Breathwork Journey 

1x 60 minute groupbreathwork journey: Through the Soul Circles powerful Breathwork Journeys your will dissolve self doubt, release old blocks and beliefs and cultivate self love and embrace a deep sense of healing, completeness and connection.

Your own Private Portal of Exploration 

Two immersive meditations to start honing your practice.

Recordings of all your breathwork and energy clearing calls so you can go back and revisit them when you feel called to. 

PLUS Exclusive access and offers to new services and products.

Community Support

Connect with your Soul Sisters on a similar spiritual journey  through our private, members only  Facebook group.

In the Soul Circle, I am here to guide you on a personal journey of self discovery, and empowerment by cultivating a regular spiritual practice.

In this safe space, you will be held so you can release emotional baggage and create a deeper connection with yourself and your intuition.

Through breathwork practices and spiritual energy work, you will develop a regular energy practice that supports your growth and transformation.

Let go of self doubt, embrace your true purpose and experience a sense of ease and flow and alignment in all areas of your life.

Hello! I'm Carla.

I am a Psychic Energy Coach and Breathwork Facilitator.

I have been connecting with my Spirit team all my life, using them for guidance and support.

In 2020 I decided I wanted to help more people with this and energy work as it transformed my life.

I have a variety of energy modalities I use in my coaching including energy alignment clearings and activations, Akashic record readings, breathwork & crystal and Reiki Healing.

Here's what our members have to say...

Amy, Business Coach

I love being in the soul circle. Knowing I have 2 opportunities a month to work on my energy with Carla means I never have to wait long if I’m having a bit of a wobbly week or month. I leave every session with a sense of calm, balance and peace. Often feeling totally energised even if I was feeling exhausted before. No session is ever the same and it’s always amazing to get little messages and personalised healing from Carla and my spirit team. If you ever get a chance to work with Carla do it! Life will never be the same in the best possible way. Thank you!

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All of this is available for just £33* per month!

Don't miss out! Join the Soul Circle today!

Monthly Membership

Energy Clearing and Activation 
Breathwork Journey 
Private Portal
Soul Circle Community

£44 monthly

Quarterly Membership

Energy Clearing and Activation 
Breathwork Journey 
Private Portal
Soul Circle Community

£99 every 3 months

Makes the membership £33 per month. Saving you £33

Annual Membership

Energy Clearing and Activation 
Breathwork Journey 
Private Portal
Soul Circle Community

£366 Yearly

Makes the membership £30.50 a month. Saving you £162!


You will receive a FREE personalised 3 month ahead card reading worth £55!
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